Thursday, 4 August 2011

Safari Day One

                                                    Day One Safari 
Safari  Journey in swahili. Journey is the perfect word to describe the experience that us as a group will never forget our first day of safari was pretty awesome . We had to get up and be ready on time for the Safari Jeeps at 8:30. Once the jeeps got to the house we all split into 4 groups of 7. Then we were on our way to Lake Manyara. After an hour and a half of driving we got to the gate, stopped, and had lunch. Once everyone was done we all hopped into our jeeps and off we went. We saw monkeys, antelope, elephants, baboons, velvet monkeys, bush buck dear, hammer cock, birds, giraffe, hippos, lions, and ostriches. 
After we saw all of these amazing animals we had to go and get settled at a camp site. The camp site was so nice, it had a pool, great food, and amazing entertainment. Over all the first day was a success and i am extremely stoked for the next few days of safari. 
By Kaytlin Derksen-Moore

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