Wednesday, 8 June 2011

How many more days?

How can 3 weeks change your life? Well take 6 family and friends, one amazing daughter and 10 of the most beautiful children you have ever met...that's how. It has been almost a year since my first incredible visit to Tanzania and I am counting the days until my return. When I first returned home last year, I got tears in my eyes every time I thought of the children I left behind. I knew I needed to return and knew If I took my own students from Pen High many lives would be impacted in a positive way.
So 22 of the most amazing high scool students have committed to travelling across the globe to work with amazingly resilient children and learn about their culture. This blog will chronicle our adventure as I am asking students to share their thoughts, impressions and stories of this incredible journey. They have all been working incredibly hard fundraising, gathering donations to take with us and learning about one another.
Please share this blog with others who may find it interesting.
As you may have noticed, we are also set up to take donations for our trip. All donations will go directly to helping the children of Camp Moses and Joshua in Arusha, Tanzania. these two orphanages, run by LOHADA, are helping over 150 young people from newborn to 16 years.