Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Big Five

After 4 days on Safari, we all came back to Basecamp dirty, smelly, and exhausted. Looking forward to a shower we were thoroughly bummed to discover the house was going on day 5 without water. (especially considering the time since our last shower had been even longer). The safari exceeded our expectations, and although the rhino was missing from the infamous "Big Five" our group made our own. This consisted of Kenya, Natalie, Kayla, Vern, and myself. Our driver was Peter and when the relatively smooth roads of the city were traded with bumpy dirt roads and pot holes, it seemed like our lives were somewhat in his hands. As the Safari was coming to a close end, when we all thought the sights of animals were done. Sitting in our jeeps at the last stop to check out of the national park, Natalie Kenya and myself were joined with a rather frightened baboon. Our drivers warned us “ make sure you close your windows or the monkeys will jump in!!”. Thinking that nothing was going to happen because there were 3 of us in the car the baboon took a running start and jumped into the drivers seat of our car.The baboon sitting in the front seat, Kenya behind, followed by Natalie then myself. Kenya used the tactic “ sit,scream,and stare” (due to the fact of a broken door that wouldn't open, Natalie chose to “fight” with a very interesting object... a pillow...why? who knows. Then for my tactic, I chose to take a leap of faith and jump out the small window that was easy to get to. I guess i jumped out pretty fast, but as soon as I saw that baboon look me in the eyes, i had no other choice.  Finally home after the crazy adventures, and wearing a different pair of clothes feeling the slightest bit cleaner. We all sat around a campfire and got a little bit of Canada getting some marshmallows and hot dogs. Half way through, we started to hear Masai chants at the bottom of the stairs. Soon after, we all found ourselves dancing and singing with 3 Masai men. Then the glow sticks came out, and i’ve never seen 3 men be so interested and excited about glow sticks. About an hour later,getting the feel of Masai dancing with a little bit of “ North American” dancing we were all having the time of our lives.
This trip has been even better then i expected. The people i’ve come close with, and the people i’ve met have changed my life. The kids that i have met with be in my heart for the rest of my life. There stories are amazing, and they are simply amazing. Our group decided to help one little boy, led by Pam. Little Bryton, he is 3 years old and is suffering from a hernia, not knowing if he is old enough or needs the surgery Pam took him to the hospital just to get checked out. Coming back from the hospital a little confused and happy, Pam was glowing with the news that it would only cost 300 U.S dollars for Brytons surgery. I am so happy we could do this for Bryton, and even more happy of what we accomplished at the work site. I couldn’t have asked for a better group to do this with, and i am so thankful for the teachers and chaperons that made this trip happen. It has changed my life incredibly. As were getting ready to say our goodbyes, pack up our stuff, say our thankyous we have all realized were not ready to go home. This trip has gone by faster then i think any of us thought it would. I really don’t think we realize really how hard its going to be tomorrow. Don't worry to everyone who told me numerous times "take lots of pictures" i did, and to Moses, Lili, and Ronnie thank you for everything you have done for our group. See you in June!

Acacia Carloni

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